Technological innovation to meet customer and market demand

In a rapidly changing marketplace, positioning new products for success requires alignment with an agile electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider. This means working with a company with the engineering expertise, capability and reputation to guide you successfully through the manufacturing process. It also means selecting a partner with the flexibility to ensure an electronic manufacturing strategy that best fits your needs.

Our electronics assembly and manufacturing facility is uniquely structured and equipped to provide from “labour only” EMS to full product life cycle support and value add services. This includes prototyping, quick turnaround and both low and high volume production. While speed to market is key so too is consistent reliability and quality output. At Leratadima Tellumat Manufacturing, we do what we say, to the best standards, and with no comebacks.

To date we have innovated, and will continue to innovate, product solutions for diverse business sectors. These include telecommunications, military, aerospace, metering, security, industrial, audiovisual, gaming, and medical.